Marilina Martignone
Marilina Martignone is an art director and model maker who works and lives in Buenos Aires. She builds sets, objects, and miniatures for animation, film, advertising, and other artistic projects.

Each project that she works in presents the possibility and the necessity to learn something new: researching materials, developing mechanical devices, and searching everywhere to find the piece that fits. She enjoys meticulous and detail-oriented work. Her teams are composed of designers, artists, carpenters, set builders, and friends.

Seven years ago she founded Tilburs, a model´s workshop. They worked for brands like IBM, Ikea, Motorola, Coca Cola, Nintendo, for all types of international markets: United States, Spain, Singapore, Romania, Sweden, Argentina, among others.

She’ve also developed as a live action and mixed media art director independently. Her regular clients are advertising agencies, production companies, publishing companies, photographers, and branding and graphic design studios.

+54 911 66 72 35 85